Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ari's an ambitious guy. He wants to go outside and swim, even though it's low 60's, windy, and raining. We're in Ft. Myers Beach, FL for a week in his parents' timeshare. We drove down on Saturday morning and arrived 18 1/2 hours later around 4 am Sunday morning.

Ari did most of the driving:

I did most of the napping:

These guys were all about the Terps:

Most of the way down we saw RV after RV from Quebec, and when I started driving through Georgia, a huge pack of Maryland drivers caught up to us. We're pretty well represented here, I see a lot of Orioles hats.

Speaking of hats, South of the Border anyone?

These guys used to own every billboard for at least 100 miles north of the North/South Carolina border. Amazing signs, with moving cars, sheep, and weiners sticking out of them. They had a sign each mile which said how many signs are left, even one that said "The next sign was made by [some little girl], and sure enough the sign was written in crayon.

Now we have this shit:


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